Welcome, we're glad to see you!
Checking out a church for the first time can be intimidating, here the answers to some FAQs...
  1. What do I wear? Please come as you are and dress however you feel comfortable. In our congregation, you will notice everything from business-casual to jeans and t-shirts.
  2. Where should I park? There is street parking available around the church building on Sundays and we are located very close to the free Cooper Parking Lot. 
  3. What is worship like? Our worship services are structured according to the liturgical guidelines set forth in the Book of Alternative Services (BAS), which has a green cover and can be found in every pew. The service is not typically longer than 1 hour and includes a mixture of organ or piano music, readings from Holy Scripture, relevant and Jesus-centred preaching by Mother Allie, and the celebration of Communion.
  4. What do I do? Upon arrival, a greeter will hand you a bulletin that includes the hymns, readings, and announcements of the day. It also provides page references to the BAS so you can follow the service. There are portions of the service that include responses from the congregation, which are bolded. Other moments might require you to stand, sit, or kneel and those instructions are in italics. St. Paul's is a friendly place, so you are free to sit wherever you feel comfortable and ask those around you for assistance, if needed.
  5. How do I get connected? If you join us on a Sunday, the best way to connect is to join us for Coffee Hour after the service, in the auditorium. If you are unable to stay but would like to reach out, emailing the church office or Mother Allie is a great place to start.